Attending the NAEYC Conference

We at TCS are excited about attending the annual National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) conference from November 14 through 16.  We will be closed those 3 days in order that we may all attend it.  NAEYC is committed to promoting early childhood education throughout  the country by working on the following initiations:  educaiton for ECE professionals; accreditation of preschools and centers; research & advocacy; global engagement with governments and NGOs outside of our country; and higher education for educators and other ECE professionals. The annual conference rotates between cities throughout the United States each November. When it is in Washington, DC, we close in order to attend it.  Takoma Children's School has been doing this since 2005; the last conference we attended was in November 2013.  The conference is an opportunity to attend a wide variety of sessions, network with other ECE professionals around the country, and to be with thousands of professionals such as ourselves.