Registration Materials


The following paperwork is required for all children, to be completed annually and turned into office on August 1st each year a child is enrolled at TCS.  When a child first enrolls, the health form must be completed, and a dental form must be completed for all children over 3 years of age.  Thereafter, the health and dental forms expire 12 months from the appointment date, so must be updated throughout the child’s year at TCS as they expire.  Bluebirds who enter at 2 years of age do not need to have a dental form completed until they turn 3 years of age.  After that, a dental form must be completed when the form expires, 12 months from the appointment date.

  1. TCS Child & Parent Information/Emergency Medical Authorization
  2. TCS Permission to Receive Child at End of Session
  3. Getting to know your child form
  4. TCS Consent form
  5. TCS Emergency Evacuation Site – TPL Liability release
  6. DC OSSE Authorization For Child’s Emergency Medical Treatment
  7. DC OSSE Receiving Care away from Home
  8. DC Universal Health Form (completed annually, at each child’s birthday checkup)
  9. DC Oral Health Form (completed after a child turns 3 years old and then annually)
  10. Medication Authorization Form (only necessary if TCS employees will administer any type of medication to your child)