Visiting our School

One great way to learn about Takoma Children's School  and get a taste of a typical day is to visit our school.  This is a time to come without your children so that both you and the children in the class aren’t overly distracted. 

Tours are always at 10:15am; are for adults only (an exception is made for infants); and involve a welcome by either the Executive Director or the Assistant Director to provide you with general information (30 minutes) about our school, curriculum, application process, etc. as well as tours of the classrooms (20 minutes).  The entire tour takes about 50-60 minutes, so we request that you be on time.

Tours for 2019-2020 enrollment are as follows:

Dates in 2018: October 23; November 6; December 11 & 18.     

Dates in January & February 2019 are: January 4, 9, 15, 24 & 29.  February 1, 7, 12, 19 & 21

Tours always start at 10:15am.

If you would like to attend a tour, please send an email to with the following information:

Parent's Name; Phone number; Child's Name; Birthdate; and How you heard about TCS?  (ex: word-of-mouth, advertisement, website, Takoma Street Festival, preschool fair, etc.)

We hope you come visit us to see what makes us special.  We look forward to meeting you!