While we are not a cooperative school, one strength of our school is that we are a community-based school - nearly everyone lives in or very near Takoma Park.  Many parents and children make life-long friendships through their family's participation at TCS.  We believe that it's important for young children to join home life with their school life.  At TCS, our parents are involved in the classroom when sharing a talent, interest or skill in their child’s classroom and through chaperoning field trips.  As a non-profit, we also rely on parents volunteering to work on fundraisers, our annual auction, at biannual work days, and to assist with various tasks at the center.  Other parents choose to serve on the Board of Directors, which oversees the Executive Director of the school and focuses on long-term plans for the school.  The downtown functions as an extension of our school - the classrooms will walk to the florist, hardware store and even to the Co-op when we need flowers, eggs and more!    

We encourage parents to be involved on average two hours per month, although it may be more during some periods and less during others.  The majority of our parents work outside the home so we understand the need to balance work needs with TCS’ needs.